Peruigna Store
Formerly in
Saddle Brook, NJ
Orders may be picked up
in Oakland, NJ
by appointment.
201- 843- 4200
Please order early to ensure availability.
Perugina Milk Chocolate Easter Egg (8.68 oz)
SOLD OUT Perugina Easter eggs are a beautiful holiday tradition. Each milk chocolate egg has Baci chocolates inside. Fresh from Italy!
Premium Solid Milk Chocolate Rabbit (9 oz)
High-qualtiy, rich milk chocolate solid rabbit. Just waiting for you to bite his ears off. 9 oz. Fresh made weekly.
Perugina Baci Chocolate Springtime (15-Piece 7.05 oz)
Ready for springtime: Perugina's Baci boasts rich, dark chocolate with roasted whole and chopped hazelnuts. Each Baci is individually wrapped in a love note.
Perugina Baci Egg (9.3 oz)
SOLD OUT Perugina dark chocolate egg filled with Baci chocolates. Fresh from Italy!!! Perfect for a treat, favors, party and centerpieces.
Spring Perugina Hard Candy (14 oz)
In a beautiful spring bag, Perugina hard candies are truly the very best. Choose between 2 flavors. Glacia Mint: cool, crisp, and icy. Sorrento: the orange, tangerine, and lemon flavors of summer.

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Forneida Colomba Cake Traditional (1 lb 15 oz)
SOLD OUT Fresh from Italy. Celebrate Easter with a traditional colomba cake. This special cake is topped with almonds and sugar and has aromatic bits of orange peel inside. A perfect ending to an Easter feast.
Perugina Egg Special (3 for $49.99)
SOLD OUT 3 Easter Eggs for $49.99. Perugina Easter Eggs are a traditional treat from Italy. The Peruigna Milk chocolate egg also has Baci chocolates inside.